Residents Charter

We at Barons Down recognise residents as individuals, each requiring differing care. Accordingly, all residents at Barons Down shall have the right to:

• Lead a full and independent life.
• Confidentiality of personal and where possible financial and medical records.
• Accept or refuse treatment including diagnostic procedures and medication.
• Be treated with dignity and respect.
• Have the full support of the staff to assist them as required.
• Maintain their religious practises.
• Continue, adapt or participate in social practises.
• Have access to Management.
• Have personal items and possessions.
• Be provided with nourishing meals and refreshments.
• Have access to a telephone and be able to send and receive private correspondence.
• Lead a discrimination free life, regardless of race, sex, religion, age or disability.
• Retain or change their doctor,
• Be informed of all aspects of their condition and proposed care.
• Have privacy when receiving personal care, treatment or counselling.
• Make a complaint and have it investigated impartially and thoroughly.

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